Backgound by our founder Mark Pfeil

His passion - Management Consulting

As a young adult, Mr. Pfeil lived and worked in America. His further professional career took him to Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, the Czech Republic, Asia and Dubai. These experiences have had a lasting effect on his view of the world. He is curious about people and the stories behind them. He has an eye for complexity.

He started his career at KPMG. After that, he worked for IBM as a project employee. Inspired by the Start-up phase, he worked as a business developer for international Start-ups in different areas, he built up worldwide organizational structures, sales structures and conducted international marketing campaigns. He founded companies himself until he found his real passions, consulting, mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, managers, executives, boards & HNWIs. 


Image, i.e. corporate identity, is no longer a luxury for individuals, organizations and companies to indulge in. CI has become an urgent necessity in order to find a special identity and to distinguish oneself in competition through branding with sustainably successful strategies and concepts. This meets in the special measure, exactly the current situation. Everything is currently shifting, orders are dissolving, dependencies must be questioned and reviewed. Therefore it is important, even in these stormy times, to remain the rock in the surf privately, commercially and as a brand and to have a clear identity externally and internally.

In these fast-moving times, it is also sometimes important to make decisive changes in order to be able to continue to make sustainable profits in the future. To do this, you need acceptance from your stakeholders. This is exactly why Mark founded Executive Acceptance, a fantastic consulting company, to develop targeted strategies, planned in advance, to get this acceptance.  As well as to advise and support you on how to gain long-term acceptance from your partners, your team, your customers, your suppliers, the public and your shareholders.  

He is also a certified interdisciplinary coach as of 2023. He has over 10 years of experience in consulting, mentoring and coaching companies, executives and boards. He deals me with the topics of management, entrepreneurship, leadership, personality development, motivation & performance, change, vision & meaning and corporate and team culture, as well as wealth management and non-bank asset management. 

We are a Consulting Firm

Executive-Acceptance is a consulting firm that works with business and community leaders to address their most critical challenges, we ensure leaders grow entrepreneurially and personally, and seize their greatest opportunity. Our success is based on our mutual acceptance of people who think differently and on working in partnership with our clients. Everyone at our company has one determined goal, to make the world and themselves, better every day. We work very hard on this every day as a team.

What we stand for

Our corporate culture is based on 6 core values: ENTREPRENEURSHIP, COACHING, IDENTITY, BRILLIANCE, ACCEPTANCE AND EMPATHY. We feel committed to these values. They shape the way we work as a management consultancy, the way we work with our clients and our corporate culture.

Our contributors of our company are important to us. We want all contributors to develop brilliantly both professionally and personally. We see Executive Acceptance as a development and growth platform that brings together brilliant people from the fields of consulting, project management, people who think and act entrepreneurially and creative minds to help each other grow.    

ACCEPTANCE is capitalized with us and not only written, but also lived. We want the contributors to accept each other, by this we mean the internal as well as the external contributors, because often a brilliant solution can come out when there are different views. But for this to happen, there must also be the acceptance of those who think differently.

We believe that everyone can and wants to update themselves. EA has created a suitable atomsphere for people who enjoy creating exciting projects, business processes as well as business processes with the most modern technologies to design digital business processes for global acting companies and thereby to grow. Up to a consultant personality and to a personality in the creative field, who have one goal in common: to create sustainable solutions for global process landscapes.

Our customers love working with us. They appreciate the specific EA spirit. They recognize that we don't just handle projects, but that we really want to change something and, together with the customer, bring about lasting improvements for our clients. On this image, which is also a fact, to be the best consultant and coach for our clients, we work together as a team every day!

Entrepreneurial spirit

We understand business issues and know what makes Entrepreneurs and Executives around the world successful. This includes allowing unconventional ideas, taking risks and breaking new ground. Being an Entrepreneur and Leader also means taking responsibility. We encourage our employees to do this right from the start. We develop innovative and sustainable solutions that make our customers pioneers in their field of business.


We are passionate that everyone should experience the power of coaching. Especially Executives. If you think about it further, it makes sense for companies to set up an internal mentoring program to allow as many employees as possible to benefit from a Mentor or Coach. This encourages companies to rethink personnel development, to deal with coaching more intensively and promotes the further development and self-realization of employees and supports employee branding decisively. Because employees experience more acceptance, life satisfaction, motivation, appreciation, loyalty and job satisfaction. Learn more on our partner site executives-coaching.com .

Image Building - Identity

We achieve outstanding results and develop global best practices for measurable and sustainable success. Our goal is to be Brilliant. In the way we work with our customers, in the way we gather knowledge and in the way we interact with each other. To be and remain brilliant, we constantly challenge ourselves. We welcome brilliant minds who offer sound analysis and fact-based approaches. We invest in the future of our contributors so that we can achieve outstanding results and build lasting relationships with them. We value open discussions to achieve the best possible outcome.


We put ourselves in our clients' shoes to advise and coach them in the most insightful, respectful and responsible way possible. Through their unique intellectual and emotional expertise, Executive Acceptance's staff and contributors help them achieve their goals. We act as a side-by-side partner, understanding the underlying problem and persuading with customized solutions. We are committed to tolerance and respect. We value diversity in our own company and perceive it as an asset in our work. The perspective of our counterpart and his or her assessment are important to us. We respect the interests of all parties involved and value trust.

What else we want to tell our customers:

We are a loyal partner. 

We like to go the "Extra Mile" for our clients.

We bring hands on mentality, joy and professionalism to our clients.

Our Team


Mark Pfeil

CEO - Photo coming soon.


Karen Sommer

Head of Strategic Consulting


Olivia Krüger

Head of Sales & Marketing

Daniel Wagner

Creative Head

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny things compared to what lies within us.

Oliver Wende Holms


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