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Corporate & Personal Growth Strategies

Remain the rock in times of rapid change and transformation. Get acceptance from stakeholders for this. We develop strategies for your acceptance. 



You can be the best Leader, if your Stakeholders don't accept you and you're decisions, you won't get far.We develop acceptance for you. 


We help strategically to position your company or yourself holistic way you want it to be. We optimize or improve your image to be perceived optimally. This will strengthen you, in all areas.

Digital Image

For executives and companies, it is becoming increasingly important to have a digital presence. We implement the strategy for this and also implement it operationally together with you.


Two out of three change projects fail. This also applies to digitization projects. Managers and project leaders forget how important the human factor is for success.

Our Services

Ultimate Experiences

Remain the rock in times of rapid change and transformation. Get acceptance from stakeholders for this. We develop strategies for your acceptance. 

Remain the rock in the surf

In times that are stormy and orders are being torn down, it is particularly important to establish new orders of one’s own as quickly as possible, which ensure calm and order. One’s own physical and mental stability and one’s own updating process play a decisive role here. Talk to us about it!


Our Passion

Executive Coaching & Management Consulting

Hardly any other time period, like today's, demands so much from managers. Patterns of order are being torn down overnight, changes, transformation and change are increasing rapidly. How important is identity in these times?

Talk to an experienced consultant about the balance, what needs to be done by a leader and what needs to be done by management to be successful tomorrow. (Exploration and Exploitation), how effective and efficient should a company be to ensure growth in the future. Which dependencies have to be put to the test, which parallel dependencies have to be checked, so that a long-term stability for your company is secured.


Each of our Services is our Passion

We like to go "The Extra Mile" for our customers. Our customers like that. We stand without any doubt only for your personal and business success! 


Strategic Consulting

Strategic Advisory

Management Consulting


Merger & Acquisition

Strategic IT Consulting

Business Process Consulting


Personal Branding - Coaching

Executive Coaching

Acceptance Optimization

How do I implement what needs to be done as a Leader?

How do I use my management efficiently for this? 

What blind spots do I have?

How can I sustainably optimize myself as a Leader? 


Corporate Strategy

Strategic Brand Optimization

Brand Analytics

Brand Strategy

Brand Image Design 


Corporate Strategy


Brand Experience

Brand Roll-out

Brand Management

Brand Engagement



Book a Project Manager

Project Management

There are many project management tools that can be helpful for every project manager in his work. However, with us you can book experienced project managers who have the necessary soft and hard skills of a project manager and can handle the tools perfectly. We can also talk about certified project managers.


Change Management

Change Process

Would you like to make a change as an Executive or future-proof the direction of your company? Then get in touch with us. Our Experts are there for you and your Team!

How we proceed

Clear and Structured

EA's Solution Devision Services turn your requirements into practical, ready-to-use solutions.

Exploration Phase

Define Clear Goals

Analyze possible process and infrastructure improvements, for example, by comparing your current situation with the modern possibilities of digital transformation, and define clear goals.

Set goals together

Workshop Stage

In workshops with EA experts we provide a general understanding of process analysis, concepts and solution directions as well as work packages. We work out clear solution-oriented steps.

Verify Feasibility

Feasibility Study

As part of a feasibility study, you can immediately see the benefits of a solution. Once you have decided on a solution, we can determine the added value that will result for your company. This creates clarity.


The Realization Begins

The agreed solution concept is implemented in concrete terms together with your and our experts. The individual work steps and work packages are described and you receive documentation.

Do it professional

Project Management

In a project initiation document a detailed timing is created, the resources, the deliverables and their quality, are described in detail. Project coordination must be accomplished. This is realized by a professional project manager.

Our experienced IT consultants

Are there for your IT projects

Our experienced consultants take on strategic IT consulting, as well as the execution of development, maintenance, migration and implementation projects. From SAP to Salesforce projects and everything else that is your requirements. We technically implements smaller to enterprise IT projects.


Your Advantages Of A Cooperation

A cooperation with us, should also have advantages for you! 

Strutuated Approach

Clear predefined goals, deliverables and work packages ensure that you stay on course.

Run For Your Added Value

We work strictly for your added value and for your cost efficiency. Always!

No Project & Team Chaos

We manage projects professionally and work in partnership with your team.

Security And Compliance

Through professional work and attentiveness, the safety regulations are fully respected.

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