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Growth and confidence – CEOs see long-term opportunities for success. Let’s look at the USA, where more than 80% of CEO’s are currently preparing for economic turbulence. Yet most executives remain confident of achieving long-term growth. Where does this confidence come from?

The mindsets of CEO's have changed

No matter where I go or who I talk to, everyone talks about sustainability. Even investors are having the sustainability of companies checked, for example against ESG criteria, before they invest. CEO’s and shareholders, have understood that if their companies want to continue to grow in the long term, they have to take responsibility, more than the law requires at the moment.

CEO’s, or at least most of this species, have understood that it is about being more mindful and responsible with the ecosystem consisting of stakeholders, the environment and their own management. Because if the „biotope“ can no longer contribute to growth, it becomes difficult.

CEO's have found new strategies

The pandemic has presented CEO’s with great challenges, yet many CEO’s have mastered this new situation. On the one hand they had to adapt their companies and on the other hand many CEO’s have developed new strategies to drive growth and change, which in turn has led to rethinking! HAVE COURAGE to act, because especially in difficult times, it is important to have a very clear identity, so that above all the customer recognizes what a company stands for, even in turbulent times. Because it is precisely then that security and clarity are needed.

Now, it could be thought that the pandemic is on the wane and a situation of relaxation is returning. New turbulences are already brewing, if the statements of American CEOs are interpreted correctly. When situations change, a CEO and his team must be able to react very quickly in order to survive. In any case, one thing is glass clear, making a decision yourself is better than waiting and not making a decision. Another not-so-good approach is to wait for someone else to make a decision for you, which you then have to live with.

It is best to decide the timing of a decision for yourself than to let the timing decide to make a decision.

Leaders face more turbulence, transformation and change

Many leaders expect there to be a recession in the U.S. in the near term, and it won’t be mild, and that’s despite the fact that there were 2.8 million more jobs in the U.S. in the first six months of the year.

In 2023, it will be a matter of getting a handle on 3 things, inflation, rising interest rates, and preventing a sharp drop in consumer demand. In the long run, there could be major turbulence, due to climate change and geopolitical disruptions. For CEO’s it will remain exciting in the next years, turbulences, transformations and above all change, will be the companions.

Executives - Successful long-term growth

Our Management Consulting Division offers strategic process consulting as well as change management projects that make companies successful in the long term or ensure that they remain successful in the long term. Because companies that meet the long-term

meet the expectations of their customers, stakeholders and shareholders, regardless of the current economic situation, are the most successful. We serve executive, corporate and institutional clients. Talk to us about the future of your company.

Sustainable strategies for personal and corporate growth

As a leader, you need to ask yourself, what needs to be done to grow sustainably? And how can this be implemented? Especially in turbulent times, it is important to remain the rock of the company and to keep or bring the company and yourself on course in an effective way and with efficiency.

For this to succeed, acceptance is needed. You as a leader, need acceptance from your management and from stakeholders to make sure the right things are done. So that growth can be achieved in the long term and the company and yourself do not suffer a shipwreck. The management should then ensure that resource-optimized work takes place. This interaction has an optimal effectiveness and efficiency. In this context, we can also speak of exploration, i.e. an innovative approach and exploitation, an optimal cost and profit ratio.

We offer executive coaching that includes these topics and many more exciting topics for an executive. Talk to us about it. You can also find more information at kevin-underwood.com.

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